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The GTE Story

Each family has its own story to tell. 

Ours begins with Elmore & Ada Mae Taylor who in the 1940's packed up and moved from Oklahoma all the way out to Los Angeles, California to start a family, find better jobs, and create a life for themselves. As African-Americans in the 1940's, the Taylor's knew the road to success would not be easy, but they imagined what they wanted, and went to work to make their dreams come true.

Just two short generations later the Taylor Family has transitioned from job seekers, to job creators and from creating a life for themselves to helping others create the life they want for their families.

GTE Holdings, LLC (GTE) is a Company that imagined a family-owned business that would become dedicated to providing the highest quality Products and Services through innovation and efficiency.

GTE believes that combining the best and brightest minds with vision, focus and a relentless will to indeed..."Imagination at Work".

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